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What is the Carolina Loggers Association?

Loggers are independent business people separated from each other by the nature of their work and often kept apart from business information and timely news that could change their operations for the better. The CLA is a non-profit corporation formed to help associate loggers for their benefit. Coming together through the Internet, by fax, by phone, and in person is easier in an association of like-minded business people who share similar problems and opportunities. The CLA employees a full-time Executive Director who keeps information timely, focuses on "survival" business issues , goes frontline with government agencies in cooperative efforts. As a "professional loggers" association, members are required to be in "good standing" with the N.C. ProLogger Program or another state certified logger program. 

 Our Mission
The CLA is a non-profit corporation organized to promote logging professionalism and business opportunities for the entire forest products network that logging supports by: 

  • Representing a specific and unified voice for timber harvesters in North Carolina

  • Increasing the professionalism of the timber harvesting industry by networking information and using business contacts

  • Educating others about how the logging industry harvests and transports  products safely and with sound environmental practices

  • Maintaining professionalism by promoting and aiding in state certified logger education programs and continuing education 

  • Continuously promoting worker safety and professionalism in the logging  industry by creating and maintaining relationships with other industry  associations, government agencies, and allied industry partners.

The Benefits of Membership in the Carolina Loggers Association

The CLA is a nonprofit corporation organized to promote professionalism and business opportunities for members. We are a 501(c)(6) non-profit business league. We focus on regional, state and national business issues. We are affiliated with the American Logging Council that represents 20 states and over 10,000 logging businesses.

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